Atlantic Farm Writers on CBC

Atlantic Farm Writers on CBC During this week’s ACFWA annual meeting and car tour around Fredericton, N.B., president Allison Finnamore spoke with Paul Castle from CBC Radio’s The Shift. Here what she had to say:

CFWF Awards Program 2012

This year the CFWF awards program is going online! Visit to get more information and enter a submission. The annual awards program is a great way to showcase your work, and potentially earn prizes! Guidelines and entry forms are available on the contest website ( The deadline for entries is June 25, 2012.

Surviving Contract and Copyright Minefields 101

Saturday, April 12, 2014 ~ Rothesay, N.B. Do you write books or for magazines, newspapers, online or corporate clients—or think about doing this? Do yourself a favour and set aside Saturday April 12 to attend a workshop (9-4:30) with Ann Douglas titled “Surviving Contract and Copyright Minefields 101” at the Amsterdam Inn, Rothesay, NB. You’ll Read more about Surviving Contract and Copyright Minefields 101[…]

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