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Friday, Oct. 4

Load up the buses; we're hitting the road!


6 a.m. - Commons Room (last night's Hospitality Suite - staying over not recommended)


Anchors away!

8 a.m. - Tour buses hit the road. Stay tuned for instructions on pick-up location.

(agendas subject to change)


Tour 1

Voyage to Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, the heart of the horticulture production in Eastern Canada. We'll visit:

- Avon Valley Floral, a female-led company with greenhouses in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Hear how their business has bloomed to include big box stores in Atlantic Canada and the florist industry.

- Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Kentville Research and Development Centre. Part of the research at this centre includes small fruit breeding, post-harvest storage and health qualities of produce.

- Nova Scotia Community College, located in Nova Scotia's wine country, will host us for lunch and show us around their educational vineyard and winery.

- Scotian Gold Cooperative packs 60 per cent of the apples produced in Atlantic Canada. We'll hear about the importance of apple production in Nova Scotia, how the coop started, what they pack and where their clients are located.

- Benjamin Bridge Winery, where they've partnered with a local Mi'kmaq community to produce their own wine.

Tour 2

Set sail to Truro, the hub of Nova Scotia agriculture and home to Dalhousie University's Agricultural Campus. We'll stop at:

- Coldstream Clear Distillery, which started as a spring water business before branching out to spirits.

- Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture, where we'll find out about the latest research and hear about Sustain by Cultiv8, a student-run vegetable farm that's a hands-on learning opportunity for market garden sales and marketing.

- Masstown Market will host us for lunch, plus provide a tour of this agricultural-based business which is an award-winning example of expansion and diversification. Butcher, creamery, garden centre, local food and more.

Perennia Christmas Tree Orchard will be an opportunity to hear about the research going on in the Christmas tree sector and get a sense of the size of Nova Scotia's industry.


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We'll arrive back in Halifax for a relaxed pub-style dinner on the waterfront. Then you can either check out some of the many pubs in the area (many will likely have live music), or catch the bus back to the Hospitality Suite.

Hospitality Suite

10 p.m. - Commons Room, Atlantica Hotel

Stop in for a drink and a visit, not necessarily in that order.

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